How to attract emotionally available, compatible men, quickly. 

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In this FREE 50-minute masterclass, you'll learn:

  • How to attract emotionally available men (no playing games)
  • Concrete strategies to stop attaching too quickly
  • How to detect red flags 🚩 BEFORE you get attached
  • How to remain CONFIDENT throughout dating (even if you're terrified of getting hurt)

Results speak louder than words...


Meet the woman everyone's raving about...

Hi! I'm Kelsey Wonderlin, a Licensed Therapist and Dating Coach.   

I've dedicated my career to learning evidence-based principles that simplify modern dating and help women attract emotionally available, compatible men fast! 

I've worked with 2000+ clients to help them feel empowered, confident and excited about dating.

I used to be in my clients' shoes. I was in so many situationships and failed relationships, I used to call myself "The Almost Girlfriend." I attached to guys two dates in like he was the last person on Earth, missed the red flags until it was too late, and ended up hurt when it inevitably fizzled out.

When I first met my husband Michael, I battled anxious attachment tendencies of distrust, overthinking, jealousy, and anxiety about him leaving me. 

Through my own personal work and the support of Michael, I changed my attachment style and now we enjoy a deep, secure love neither of us knew could exist!

When I started helping my clients, they got the same results! 

This is WHY I created this free training.

We're going deep into WHY these patterns keep happening to you, and I'll teach you a few quick shifts you can make right away to change the quality of who you're attracting, fast!

So excited to see you there!!