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The Texting Communication Cure!

Become a master of healthy communication and never stare at your phone frozen again! This course will help you stop overthinking and start ENJOYING all the stomach-flipping butterflies of a new relationship. 😎📱💬🚀💕

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Dating App Bio Overhaul Masterclass 2.0

Tired of boring, redundant conversations dating apps? ("Hey how are you?" 🥱) Or never matching with the ones you're actually attracted to? D.A.B.O.M is here to change that! Optimize your dating app bio and watch the dreamy, compatible AF matches roll in! 🧲💣💥

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Magnetic Dating Lab

Go beyond dating apps to actually SUSTAIN the relationship of your dreams! Inside MDL, you'll master your confidence and build a single life you're obsessed with to become a magnet to healthy, dreamy AF partners. 🧲 🧪💞

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After struggling to love myself and have a healthy relationship for years (even in the midst of my master's program!) I realized: no one ever teaches us this stuff. I couldn't believe there was nowhere I could go to learn how to attract and actually SUSTAIN a healthy relationship. After piecemealing it together myself using my training as a licensed therapist, I decided to create the courses I wish I had when I was dating. What started as a quest to conquer my own issues has turned into a system that has helped hundreds of my clients build strong relationships with themselves and finally attract the healthy relationship of their dreams.


Healthy Dating & Relationships - Tips from a Dating Coach (Our Blog!)

Frequent Dating Q+A with Me!

How to Practice Self-Love: Honor Your Wants, Needs, and Values

Mindset Matters: Abundance Mindset and Self Love for Dating Success

I feel like a badass after investing in myself and learning the skills to truly accept and love myself. I finally feel like when I choose a partner, it will be because they're amazing and fit into my life, not because I need them in order to feel worthy.

Katie B.

Emily Z.

This program was so instrumental in my recovery from a broken heart and finally learning how to have a healthy relationship. Forever grateful for the wisdom shared here.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

After using Kelsey's signature dating app bio strategy, I can say I'm less overwhelmed with dating. I have fewer matches to sift through and they are all QUALITY men with all the traits I'm looking for!! Thank you for bringing some much-valued light into this wild dating world!

Lauren P.